Hey guys, thanks to everyone who sent us feedback. We appreciate your help in making ViewFlux the best tool for prototyping and design feedback.

As you might have noticed we’ve tweaked quite a few things in the past month. This time we had a look at the sharing feature, which we tried to improve. With the new features you can now share your projects directly from ViewFlux without having to send the share links via email or IM.

To share a project with your clients navigate to it or to one of its screens and press the “Share” button. After checking the properties you want to enable, click the “Create & Send Share Link” button, which will bring up a screen that will allow you to send out the link via email to your client. Of course you can  also add a message that will accompany the share link. We hope this will make it even easier to communicate with your clients!

Sharing is ON!

Don’t forget that you can always make suggestions or ask for features using the built-in “Help/Support” module.