ViewFlux is an online collaboration tool for designers and agencies that allows you to gather feedback, create beautiful prototypes and share your creations with your clients. After almost a year of work we’re launching in public Beta today.

Our aim is to create and nurture a lasting relationship with clients by improving the design collaboration process and feedback generated issues.

ViewFlux is a service created by Five Tailors, a small design agency based in Oradea - Romania. Over the years Five Tailors has provided custom tailored designs for start-ups and small businesses around the world.

All our years of experience in the field lead us to a clear conclusion: collaborating on design projects with our team and with our clients was taking a lot of time and the process itself resulted in a lot of back an forth emails, phone calls, meetings and sometimes frustrations. It was the time for a change.

After a brainstorming session in 2012 we have decided to develop an in house app that would help us solve these issues & ViewFlux started taking shape. After sharing ViewFlux with friends and getting good feedback we decided to make it public in the hope that it will help other designers improve their design process.

Some of the main features include:
● visual feedback & chat
● building beautiful prototypes
● design versioning & repository

We’d love you to signup and take the app for a spin - your feedback is welcome! While in beta you can use ViewFlux for free without any limitations.

ViewFlux – by designers for designers. With love