ViewFlux now supports syncing your projects with Dropbox. There are two major benefits:

  • you can easily create and manage your ViewFlux projects from Dropbox
  • you can back up your ViewFlux projects to Dropbox

Connecting ViewFlux with Dropbox
In order to connect your ViewFlux account with Dropbox you have to access your acccount menu and click on Sync. Head over the Dropbox panel and click on the Connect button. After connecting, Dropbox will automatically create a folder for your ViewFlux projects (Dropbox\Apps\ViewFlux). All your existing ViewFlux projects will automatically show up in your Dropbox folder.

Adding & managing projects from Dropbox
You can add a new project from Dropbox by simply creating a folder and adding your project files in there. The project will instantly show up in your ViewFlux account and you will be able to start prototyping & get feedback on your creative work right away. Accepted files are JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD and PDF. While ViewFlux is connected with Dropbox, deleting a project from ViewFlux will also delete your files from Dropbox.

Revisions & Dropbox
Revisioning is way easier with Dropbox. Replacing a project file in your Dropbox project folder will automatically create a new revision in ViewFlux. Working with PSD files will make things even easier. Just add the PSDs in your ViewFlux Dropbox project folder and you won’t have to add any more files or revisions. Each time the PSD is saved, ViewFlux will automatically create a new revsion for you. PDFs also support revisioning through Dropbox - just replace a PDF file and enjoy. Of course, if you add revisions from ViewFlux, they will replace the corresponding files in Dropbox.

Important tip: disconnecting Dropbox won’t remove your files or ViewFlux projects.