Custom Branding

We have some exciting news to share with you. Today, we’re introducing the ability for companies to brand their ViewFlux Share Links.

Here’s how to do it. If you’re the admin of your ViewFlux company account, head over the user menu and click on Company Settings, then just upload your logo & add your website URL. All your Share Links will now be branded with your company logo.

This feature is an optional & premium feature and it’s only available on the Boutique & Agency plans.


Realease 2.0

Not long after launching our first version of ViewFlux in January, here we are, releasing the second version. With this version we’re adding the UX in ViewFlux.

Here are the main features this realease comes with:

Better UI & UX
The ViewFlux interface has improved in many ways. It has been simplified and refined to achieve a cleaner and more intuitive UI. User experience and consistency were the main things we had in mind while creating it.
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Introducing paid subscriptions

Starting today, ViewFlux leaves BETA and introduces the paid subscriptions. Please visit the Pricing & Signup page for more details about the available plans.

Thanks again to everyone that helped us with their feedback while ViewFlux was in BETA.
Don’t forget to use your 3 months 50% discount code, using this link.

We’re still eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
For any questions, drop us a line.

PS: We’ll get back soon with a fresh new look.

ViewFlux has reached version 1.0

A bit more than one year ago we’ve launched ViewFlux in public BETA. From there on we received tons of valuable feedback and suggestions from you guys, which brought us closer to the final product. It took us a lot of effort and tweaking to get to the point where we’re ready to announce you that we will shortly launch the first version of ViewFlux.

We will bring in the paid subscriptions starting January 26, 2015. As we value your contribution to making ViewFlux better, everyone that used it while in BETA will get a 50% discount for a period of 3 months. Thanks everyone for supporting us and for sharing your thoughts.
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Sync your projects with Dropbox

ViewFlux now supports syncing your projects with Dropbox. There are two major benefits:

  • you can easily create and manage your ViewFlux projects from Dropbox
  • you can back up your ViewFlux projects to Dropbox

Connecting ViewFlux with Dropbox
In order to connect your ViewFlux account with Dropbox you have to access your acccount menu and click on Sync. Head over the Dropbox panel and click on the Connect button. After connecting, Dropbox will automatically create a folder for your ViewFlux projects (Dropbox\Apps\ViewFlux). All your existing ViewFlux projects will automatically show up in your Dropbox folder.
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Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration in now available within ViewFlux. Whenever you’re creating projects, adding or updating screens, leaving comments or adding linkspots, your team mates will instantly get to see them. Of course this is also available on the Share Links, so your clients will see every single project update in an instant.

Invite your team mates and start working together!

Project Archive

All your older projects deserve a place to rest. That’s why we have created a new place for storing them.

Retire your finished projects using the new Archiving feature. The option is available in the project list, while having your mouse over a project.

There are some things that you should know before doing so. Archiving a project will automatically restrict access to its project files & deliverables, while its share links will be deleted. In other words, an archived project is no longer sharable and its files are not accessible directly from the archive. Though, you can restore an archived project anytime you want and make it sharable again. Thank you all for your feedback.

Upload PSD & PDF files to your projects

A lot of feedback that came from you guys helped us improve ViewFlux. There was one thing, though, that got requested frequently: uploading PSD & PDF files directly into your projects.
We’re happy to announce that ViewFlux now supports these file types.
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3 new ways of interacting with Prototypes

We have brought you new ways of interacting with your prototypes using ViewFlux:

Hover states
Want to show your clients how design elements look like on mouse over? Use hover states. Upload an image with the hover state and set it as your target link.

Anchor scrolling
Use anchor scrolling to smoothly move to a section of the same page.

External URL
Adding an external URL will help get a more accurate and natural feeling of your prototype, by letting your clients access links such as social media profiles.

New features coming soon. Stay tuned.

We’ve redesigned the sharing feature

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who sent us feedback. We appreciate your help in making ViewFlux the best tool for prototyping and design feedback.

As you might have noticed we’ve tweaked quite a few things in the past month. This time we had a look at the sharing feature, which we tried to improve. With the new features you can now share your projects directly from ViewFlux without having to send the share links via email or IM.
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