Interactive Prototyping

Create interactive prototypes from static designs with just a few clicks. Delight your clients with their soon to be built website or app, directly in their browser. It's like using the real thing before it's actually finished!

Visual Feedback

You can now communicate with your clients visually, directly on top of designs. Forget about emails, meetings, Skype & phone calls. Waste less time and build a trusting & lasting relationship with your clients.

Design Versioning

Manually add design revisions or let Dropbox sync do that. You can restore an older version of a file, with instant access to all previous comments. Settle any possible argument that might come up in the process.
Current Revision
Previous Revision

Assets Sharing

When a project is finised, use ViewFlux to deliver the final source files with ease and avoid email attachment limitations, spam filters and file delivery apps. It saves time and it makes you look professional.
To say that Viewflux has improved our design team is an understatement – we love it, clients love it and more importantly it saves time, frustration and mistakes. If you send any form of creative then I can definitely recommend Viewflux.
Duncan Jones
Duncan Jones
ViewFlux has proved extremely useful for delivering interactive prototypes. Collaborating with our team members and clients has gotten way easier since we started using it. It has changed the way we work and collaborate at our agency.
Marcel van Zwieten
Marcel van Zwieten
After testing out the water with our client, we have come to agree that it is highly efficient and it’s a great tool for collecting feedback. We can directly see which area our clients are commenting about and get back to them with quick response time.
Marisa Tontaveetong
Marisa Tontaveetong